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January 14 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 19:18 ]

With the credits rolling, Monica killed the sound and allowed herself to focus fully on the pleasure that was being exacted upon her pussy. Phil and started rhythmically licking at her clit and she could feel the intensity of her orgasm building deep within her being. With his fingers spreading her labia and his tongue molesting her clit, Monica pulled at her naked nipples, eliciting yet more pleasure from her body. The wave of her orgasm reached the point of no return and she came, shuddering with the crescendo of her pleasure.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 19:05 ]

Before I knew it my daughter got up and straddled my chest. I could feel her wet pussy sliding across my chest as she made her way up to my face. As soon as she was in position, my daughter sank her pussy down on her my face. I reached up and cupped her ass, her oh so soft and firm ass. I pulled my daughter closer to me as I tongued her pussy. She tasted magnificent! I could hear my wife moaning next door and that really turned me on even more. I probed my tongue into my daughters hot wet hole as far as I could. I kept caressing her ass as I lapped at her pussy. I let my hands wander down the back of her legs and then down to her calf's. God my fantasy was coming true. I slid my hands back up her sexy legs to her ass and pulled her closer to me. I began flicking my tongue over her now engorged clit. I heard my daughters breathing getting heavier. I continued using my tongue to lick from the base of her clit to the top. She began to moan loudly. I pressed my lips over her clit and sucked on it. That was it. My daughter began to tremble and cum. Right in the middle of my daughters orgasm I pressed a finger on her ass hole. She just about screamed from the sensations. I did it! My daughter began to shoot off a string of multiple orgasms. Soon she came a fourth and a fifth time. By now the tip of my finger was inside of my daughters ass hole and she came again.

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January 13 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 19:18 ]

I gave her a prideful smile and pulled her arms so we could kiss. We kissed deeply and fondled each other's boobs, until her breathing became erratic. He was definitely doing a number on her pussy. She broke our embrace and let out a slow orgasmic whine. Feeling Rudy's cock start to throb, I echoed her orgasm with primal cries of my own. Grasping my boobs with one hand, I masturbated my clit with the other. Rudy's hands clenched my thighs. His pelvis rose and his body tensed, as his volcano erupted inside me. I felt wave after wave of his seed pulsing against my cervix, soaking my vagina and oozing out. When he released his grip on my thighs, I climbed off his shaft to kneel between his long legs. Jacking his rigid cock with both hands, I motioned for Debbie to join me. We took turns cleaning his cock with our tongues. I sucked the huge head of it in my mouth, while she licked and pumped. It wasn't long before his ass tightened and he let go another load of cum into my mouth. Debbie's mouth met mine at the top of his erection and we shared a cum-filled kiss.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 19:14 ]

I had mother assume the same position that my sister had been in. I wanted to take my mother up the ass, but I didn't have any lube, so Sue sucked on my cock to make it wet, so that it would go in smooth. I took my cock and gently put it into mother's ass. She let out a loud moan as I did this. I smacked her ass as I pumped her full of cum, as my sister was doing the same as mother had done-lying underneath licking my balls.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 19:04 ]

I climbed between her legs and eased my cock in. God, I was fucking my sister. I was doing it. Screw the world! This wasn't wrong, this was perfect. She must have felt the same, we were grinning like maniacs as I started pumping, then she squealed, and I groaned, it was so good, I don't know how I lasted, every stroke was heaven, she was giving little screams, legs wrapped around me, I couldn't stop, I thrust harder, she grabbed me, squeezing, I was close, she was bucking, I tried to hold on longer, she was screaming now, I was burning, she yelled "Yes!" and I came, shot load after load, gasping, legs locked around me, sinking deeper, throbbing, trembling, couldn't believe it, it was perfect, perfect.

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January 12 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 18:57 ]

My body began to quiver and shake. A low-pitched, high-volume groan screamed from deep within me as my body felt like it was unraveling from the inside out. My thighs and his wonder hand were drenched with what felt like gallons of my lady-cum.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:54 ]

Fondling her father's scrotum, Beth reminded herself that the sperm still in his balls would be coating her cervix before much longer. Feeling her Daddy's sperm leaking out of her and coating her two fingers, Beth stuck those fingers into her mouth along side the penis that had provided it so she could suck them both clean.

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Posted by rapeman  [ 18:37 ]

Finally, I sat up on the edge of the table and watched amused as cum leaked from my gaping pussy and formed a puddle on the edge of the table. I giggled when some of it dripped off onto the floor. I looked toward Maria and saw that she, too, was watching cum leak from her pussy. I looked up and said, "Seems to me that a man worth a damn would get his tongue down here and see to it that this mess doesn't get any worse than it already is." Bob took the frivolous suggestion literally and knelt down and began to lick cum that had not already trickled away from my willing pussy. Dave took but a moment to observe then followed his father's lead and licked what was left of his cum from his sister's pussy and thighs.

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January 05 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 09:19 ]

I was in the mood to masturbate with them and shoot a load. I decided I didn't yet want to cum directly on these panties since that would ruin them as they were... still smelling of her perfume and her private scent. If I got my cum on them, I'd need to wash them and her special odor would then be gone forever. No, I thought, I'll get close to cumming from rubbing my hardon against them, but when I get so close I can't stop, I'll use this other pair of her pretty panties to cum on and that will do fine...

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January 02 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 05:06 ]

He pumped me slowly, his cock pulsing, each stroke making me groan. I lost control completely, thrashing and screaming as I came. And, he kept pumping me I wanted it to last forever...then he withdrew, leaving me empty and needing more. I was lifted up and Dad lay on his back, then I was gradually lowered back on to his huge prick. I started to ride it at once, grinding my clit against him, then Grandpa came over and offered me his hardening cock.

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January 01 2009
Posted by rapeman  [ 14:18 ]

Grabbing her by the waist I pulled her up onto her knees. Leaning down into her, her ass and pussy just inches from my face. She seductively wiggled her ass in front of my face. "Oh God Jacob, Please touch me now," she begged. Not wanting to keep her waiting any more, my tongue immediately dove into her wettness. God she was so fucking wet. I began lapping up her juices. She began squealing with pleasure, pushing her pussy back towards my tongue, grinding into my face. My hands rubbing her ass, pulling her cheeks apart to allow my tongue even deeper access into her sopping wet pussy. As Im tongue fucking her pussy she begins breathing really heavy. I get my thumbs wet from her juices and teasingly begin rubbing her asshole. This got an even better response from her as she gasped and moaned almost simultaneously. My tongue then moved to her engorged clit, which was damned near throbbing when my tongue first touched it. My tongue gently danced over it as her body started convulsing from my touch. I then slid a finger into her slippery pussy. My how tight her pussy felt. My cock began throbbing thinking about how this tight pussy was going to feel gripped around my cock. As my fingers were working inside her pussy and my tongue on on her clit she moaned at me, nearly out of breath, "Oh God Jake, I'm going to CUMMM!!!" I then increased my pace and within moments her body began to shake and quiver as she let out the most beautiful scream of extasy I've ever heard.

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December 30 2008
Posted by rapeman  [ 23:37 ]

My body slowly relaxed again, and I felt him move closer to me. I felt him rub his crotch against my thigh. Felt his cock rub against me through his jeans. I moaned again. He obviously was hoping for this reaction as he got up and stood beside me. I heard the zipper, the pants falling to the floor, and I bit my lip in anticipation as he crawled on top of me. I almost fainted when I felt his hard hot cock resting on the inside of my thigh, just inches below my young hot wet virgin pussy. He reached down and positioned his cock on my pussy lips. Instincts told me what to do after that.

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